Enabley Website Design and Development Quote

The provided quote outlines the estimated number of hours based on the data collected up to this point. Please note that the Branding Guideline Document is essential for maintaining a cohesive and professional graphic language on the website. It has been included in the quote as a concise, one-page document.

Initial project spec meeting2
Content gathering & prep4
DNS + SSL + Hosting setup1
Platform (WordPress) setup1
Plugin preparation (based on specs)1
One page branding guideline document2
Copywriting (entire site tree + elements)16
Homepage design & dev24
Template design & dev24
Inner pages content population & design8
Widget design & dev4
Analytics & Integrations1
QA & Bug fixing8
Global languages integration4
RTL Support (Optional)4
Usability training meeting2

Total Hours: 106
Price: $9,434 USD
Price in NIS: ₪34,434

Project Specific Notes:

• This quote represents a comprehensive full turn-key service that encompasses design, development, content creation, and training, enabling you to independently operate the website without requiring additional support, unless there is a request for new design elements or technical features in the future.
• The quote is modular. My process involves developing while designing. If you only require design services while retaining development efforts in-house, I am happy to accommodate that. However, I strongly suggest keeping the project within one entity to achieve the most accurate and satisfactory results.

General Provisions:

• Working rate is $89 USD per hour. All work provided will be tracked using Clockify. While the quote estimates are typically reliable, they are subject to adjustments due to new requests, requirements, or unforeseen circumstances.
• Short communication exchanges are not typically tracked unless their duration exceeds 30 minutes. The same applies to meetings that are not previously outlined or quoted.
• Stock imagery, videos, paid plugins, hosting, subscriptions, and any third-party materials that require payment are the client’s responsibility to provide or procure. An expense sheet will be tracked and provided at the end of the project.
• Upon the initial launch of the project, milestones will be created and followed to ensure that approval has been given at each step of the way. Any deviation from these milestones may result in potential changes to the overall hours.
• Any additional hours exceeding this quote will be tracked using the same method used throughout the project.

Terms and Conditions:

• Intellectual Property Rights: Upon full payment, the client will receive full ownership and rights to the design work created for the project. Until full payment is received, the designer retains ownership, and the client may not use or modify any design assets without permission.
• Revisions and Change Requests: The quote includes [TBD] rounds of revisions or changes. Any additional revisions or major scope changes requested by the client beyond the agreed-upon number will be subject to additional charges.
• Project Timeline: The estimated timeline for the project is displayed on the quote page. Any delays caused by the client, such as late feedback or content provision, may impact the project timeline and could result in additional charges.
• Content and Materials: The client is responsible for providing all necessary content, including text, images, logos, and branding assets unless explicitly stated otherwise in the quote. Any delays in content provision may affect project timelines.
• Client Approval and Sign-off: The client’s approval is required at various stages of the project. Any changes requested after client approval may incur additional charges and potentially affect project timelines.
• Confidentiality: Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of any proprietary or sensitive information shared during the course of the project.