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Hey there !
I'm Sam Zamor
Digital Problem Solver

Crafting unique solutions to establish value.

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Web Design
Ui/Ux Design
//Words About
Sam Zamor
An unconventional approach

Innovative solutions that give you the edge over the competition

Over the course of two decades a unique skillset has been developed that compliments each individual trait. This alongside solid strategic thinking and high-caliber marketing creates the perfect foundation to tackle any project.

Sparkling New Media

There is no challenge I ever say no to, and whatever the challenge is, it will result in satisfaction.

Highly Responsive UX

All scenarios are considered and planned ahead of time to reduce errors and increase user engagement.

Tailored Branding

Brand-building starts with a mission, is executed with experience and ends with an identity you can be proud of.

Increased Sales

After all, sales and/or recognition are the desired result. Knowing how to speak to an audience goes beyond just design.

My Portfolio

Facts About Me

A few key things to note about my past, especially when it comes to coffee.

Finished projects
Happy customers
Working hours
Coffee Cups
My Studio //

Portfolio Reel

A picture is worth a thousand words, but how about 24 pictures (frames) per second? That's a lot of words... This video showcases a brief but powerful representation of what I've done in the past in only 48 seconds (1,152 pictures = 1,152,000 words)!

My Portfolio
//How I Work

How I Work

My Working Process

Although not rocket science, it is important to note that everybody has a certain process. I’ve refined my methodology over the years to create delight – minus all the typical hassles.

  • Discuss the project

    We Zoom it up, or meet for coffee.

    A series of targeted questions will follow which will paint a clearer picture of what it is that you seek to accomplish

  • Develop & elaborate

    I put in the time or get my network of pros on it.

    Regardless of who's taking over the smaller tasks, there is nothing that comes out the door without my stamp of approval.

  • Final approval

    Where you decide to stop there or continue.

    In 99% of cases, you will walk away satisfied on the first go. I’ll make damn sure you’re not going anywhere until you are.


A unique
Set of Skills

Being a jack of all trades does not necessarily mean a master of none. Over the years I've refined some specific aspects which gave me an edge over the ridiculous competition out there and has guaranteed a constant flow of new or returning clients.


Main Skills

Where I feel the strongest.
01. -


Design & UX


Platform Expertise

I grouped the major platform categories I have developed expertise with.
02. -
Entire Adobe Suite
Google Suite
Project Management Tools
Front-End Development


I'm comfortable working in English, French and Hebrew.
03. -






Clients and Testimonials

Appreciation goes both ways. While I appreciate my clients and the interesting projects I work with them on, it’s always special to receive a pat on the back and a few warm words of gratitude for a job well done.

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